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Open house 2021 (German only)



Open house 2020 (German only)



Study objectives – Qualification profiles

  • Academic expertise in all areas of German language and literature; methodical and practical skills for dealing with communication-, language-, text- and literature-related problems; advanced personnel and social skills;
  • In-depth theoretical knowledge and methodological skills in sub-areas of German studies (linguistic, cultural or literary studies, according to individual focus); enhanced ability to reflect, contemplate and evaluate; cultivated ability to write scientific prose and to present complex facts;
  • Pedagogical and didactic knowledge and skills for planning, implementing and evaluating German lessons;
  • Knowledge of a foreign language at the highest level and ability for transcultural communication;
  • Special didactic knowledge and skills for teaching German as a foreign and second language;

Occupational fields

  • Institutions of cultural policy, cultural administration, cultural mediation
  • Media (journalism, moderation, dramaturgy, text design, etc.)
  • Publishing, book trade
  • Libraries, archives, documentation centres
  • Corporate communication, marketing, public relations
  • Self-employed or freelance work (communication training, writing and text design, publishing or writing, etc.)
  • Teaching at secondary and upper secondary schools and in extracurricular education institutions
  • Teaching German as a foreign and second language
  • Teaching German language and literature in international education
  • Translational and transcultural activities in various other fields (e.g. tourism, migration and integration institutions, NGOs, municipal institutions)
  • Academic work at universities, colleges, research institutions

Reference video:

Ernstl Jandl, Werke in 6 Bänden (Neuausgabe), hrsg. von Klaus Siblewski
©2016 Luchterhand Literaturverlag, München in der Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH

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