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Einladung zum Vortrag - Mag. Dr. Viola Schmitt (Universität Wien)

Dienstag, 05.02.2019

Propositionen und ihre Teile / Parts of propositions

im Rahmen der Arbeitsgruppe Informationsstruktur

Montag, 11. März 2019, 15:15 Uhr, SR 47.11 (Rudolf Ritter von Scherer), Heinrichstr. 78A / 1. OG, 8010 Graz


Parts of propositions

I investigate cumulative readings of sentences in which some, but not all of the plural expressions have a de dicto reading. I argue that such examples are problematic for analyses where cumulativity is derived by cumulating relations between the pluralities 'involved', as they will have to give the plural with the de dicto reading wide scope over the intensional operate. I then propose an analysis where all plural expressions are interpreted in situ: I expand the  `plural projection' framework put forth by Schmitt 2017, Haslinger 2018, where embedded pluralities `project' to the denotations of embedding nodes in the sense that the latter reflect the part-structure of the former and where cumulativity is derived via a compositional rule in a step-by-step fashion. I argue that if the denotations of the plural with the de dicto construal is anaylzed as a plurality of individual concepts, which projects in the afore-mentioned sense to a plurality of propositions, the initial data can be explained straightforwardly -- in fact, their existence is expected by the plural projection framework.

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